Too Comfortable (Part 1)

Take your time. There is no need to rush. You can’t force things to fall into place.

I’ve tried. I’ve tried. Making time go slow so I could breathe for one second. I’ve tried holding on to you so you didn’t drown. I tried letting go of everyone who did me wrong. I tried to.

Don’t fly too far away, you’ll get lost and won’t have a place to go back to.

I flew. Soared through the trees feeling the wind blow past me. After a while, I landed in search for something. I didn’t know what it was. Everything was foreign. I turned around and you’ve disappeared.

There is a possibility that they actually care. Don’t judge it too quickly.

I believed you words. Watched your actions. Together they never seemed to fit. Yet I pegged you as someone who never gave false hope. But while I gave you everything I had, false hope was all you gave.

I don’t know who exactly it is these words refer too. Maybe there isn’t just one person. Maybe, just maybe, there were more people behind it all.

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